Raymond Rivera was born in Lansing Michigan, raised in Puerto Rico. Since his early ages he began studying in Puerto Rico School of Music, in Humacao, Puerto Rico. He had the privilege to study with the best drummers in our country, such as Gerry Putman, Tony Sanchez (Father), Jose Rossi. Seminars with Peter Erskine, Billy Cobham, Alex Acuña, John Riley, bassist Eddie Gómez, Jose Valentino Ruiz and one of the best drum educators, Freddie Burgos.
He played with Josué Gascot, Rafael (Bodo) Torres, Richard Roberge, Luis Peña, Juan Ortíz, Jose Valentino, Miriam Damaris, Jeremy De Jesús, Raymond Ramírez, Tony Batista, Mario Castro, Pablo Rosario (El Indio), Paul Michael, José Rivera, Mariano Rodríguez, Freddie Burgos, Kenneth Morales, Vikki Romero, Elizabeth Timbal and Bobby Cruz.
Just the mention a few.
Also he played with Puerto Rico Police Band.
Raymond Rivera recorded three Albums:  Maravilloso Es, Tu Verdad and Familia and he has recorded with other musicians.